Chapter 1 - Current situation

A loss of interest for both education and classical religions can be observed nowadays that testifies of a drying out of our representations of the world. Caesura between faith and reason, which had allowed for an objective study of the universe at the end of middle-age, has now became counter productive and even proved catastrophic when applied to moral progress.

It is a choke observing the current survival of such archaic thinking as the conviction for various religious adepts around the world that their respective religion can and must overcome rival religions. On the contrary, a demand for sacred, « what unifies souls», according to Goethe, is currently observed through music, which appears like a new universal language for people around the world, in parallel with a demand for love by Youth

The concepts proposed by physic have no more content for common people and even for scientists themselves, as they do not correspond to any sensible figuration that could allow for their assimilation. The epoch of the scientist experimenting based upon his own imagination and using inductive methods appears like an image of the past. Because the possibility for experiment cannot lead anymore towards high abstraction area, numerous teams of scientists work laboriously using cautious and deductive methods.

Both Dirac and Einstein have recommended looking for more indirect ways that would allow coming back to more inductive methods in relation with imagination

Also Cavaillès recommended looking for a conceptual philosophy subjacent to all cultures that would be scale invariant and independent of local consciousness.