By essence, the scientific ideal aims at gathering by means of logical deduction and a minimum number of hypotheses, a maximum number of experimental results. The coherent vision of space by Newton has long time represented such an ideal. This vision has been used by Western scientists for developing their researches and is still productive today.

However a new vision has come to complement the one of Newton, which is the space time continuum. But such concept has not been supported by a representation which could have allowed for its integration by people including by scientists themselves.

The concept of the temporal wave procures such representation and enables the assimilation of the various temporalities of the space time continuum as proposed by: Arts, Religions, Philosophies and Sciences.

It enhances the fundamental role of mathematics and music and by consequence of sacred. It facilitates the assimilation of such notions as: Chaos, Aufhebung, Transfinite and Infinite, Play, Crystallization, Synchronicity, Time, Tolerance, Unitary field, Entropy, Sacred, Soul, Crossing, CPT theorem, Return to future, Fusion and Fission, Ideas, Scale invariance.