Chapter 4 - Infinite and Transfinite

Pascal enlightened that we balance like suspended in between two infinite abysses. How and to which extent such infinites traverse and contribute to our constitution? How do the rhythms and form of these infinites print our being and thinking?

Firstly, we would define two major infinites, one infinite in act also called transfinite and one infinite in being.

Transfinite and infinite

Transfinite: An infinite pleasure is not possible because our senses are limited. As well our mind cannot go beyond the natural limits of time, space, causalities.
Our universe appears infinitely wide, but is in principle measurable. Scientists have called such a wide but measurable dimension Transfinite.

Infinite in being: Our soul is, by principle, founded by the infinite and therefore can distinguish traces of the infinite whenever she meets. We cannot imagine any limit to this infinite in being.

Both infinites coexist

We consider such transfinite universe like wide leanings equilibrium, summed up with countless fissions and fusion phenomena, break-even points and chaotic turbulences.

The gravity forces required for maintaining such a huge pressure vessel are enormous and their origin is unknown. We would postulate an infinitely powerful corset holding the universe and referring to our own experience we would compare with the infinite feeling of love upon which we build our own life. This Love feeling appears unlimited, inexhaustible and always available.

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