Chapter 11 - A marvellous rationalism

A scission in between Faith and Reason took place gradually in the West that was necessary for allowing a rational and scientific observation of the universe. The occurrence of science has long time made believe that scientific explanations would replace superstition and prejudices. But the disappearance of obstacles does not necessarily lead to moral progress of societies and individuals.

The vision of the unitary field leads to what we call a marvellous rationalism. This vision enables the understanding of the global unity of things in the universe and is a true access to realities; it can allow locating oneself and others inside the time and space of the world. Such rational vision literally re enchants the world as the various cultures appear as so many musics, echoing a global and unique modulation weaving the universe.

However this vision cannot explain the origin and the reason of such global modulation. Concerning more especially the possible existence of a God producing such global modulation (with an intention?), a scientific attitude should be adopted as follows:

- Is it plausible ?
- Is it verifiable ?

The existence of a god can be considered as plausible, but his intention cannot be verified. Actually, the possibility to know the intention of a god would imply understanding his intention. But a God being ineffable by definition, the possibility of such understanding would reduce his nature and hence deny his very existence.

Nature appears as a place of natural of lesser entropy and hence of harmony that permanently welcomes and says grace to his creator. Similarly, prayer is an attitude of humility and lesser entropy that will allow each person welcoming the in temporal Love of God.

Music is felt nowadays as the key to the system by more and more people around the world and appears like a sacred echo of a modulating Love that holds the whole.

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