Chapter 10 - The Unitary Field

We have assumed a global modulation of infinite power, moulding the space time continuum. We put forward the theory that the combination of the infinite modulation and the space time continuum form a unitary field.

Global and local temporalities

A continuous balancing / unbalancing movement of the space time continuum induce a leanings chaos that creates a temporal wave. Such wave, like an oscillating shuttle, weaves back and forth the front of the space time continuum.

Local temporalities are continuously produced in echo and by crossing of the rhythms of the global modulation with the various local substrates. In return they will influence the global modulation by coupling phenomena, thus contributing to a global synchronisation of the unitary field (harmony).

Temporal backwash of the wave is like a souvenir of the future, which in return crosses back and weaves the present.

Among such weavings human beings constitute peculiar templates of space and time.

Thus appear the three global temporalities:

1. A time for everything that correspond to the infinite in being that hold together the infinite in act (transfinite)
2. A reversible and rhythmic time formed by the pulse of the wave that continuously weaves the transfinite.
3. An irreversible time, which is the front of the cumulated time, made of the accumulation of the successive stratus of local temporalities.

Sacred and entropy

Nature is a natural place of harmony and lesser entropy, hence of sacred. Local temporalities follow slopes of lesser entropy at rhythms and speeds depending of the resistances encountered.
Group of persons can also form structure of lesser entropy and a synergy phenomenon may occur whenever they work out a common target that will link the group. These links in between members may become like the lesser energy links of a crystallisation network. Such new structure will then release energy in excess that will be felt by members as life intensity, like a blissful feeling that will never be forgotten.

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