Chapter 6 - Evolution of Formes

The universe appears like a space time continuum, permanently and gradually modifying its form. Nature possesses unlimited resources of time and has used millions of years for building up the present front of cumulated time.

Through all scales of space and time, from the galaxies down to the elementary particles and passing by the forms of thinking, these forms will express the crossing of rhythms with peculiar environments. They are the transitory and ephemeral signatures of various singularities of the space time continuum.

Development of the front

Such temporal front propagates sinuously like a battle front under the assaults and rhythms of various local temporalities. Physic cannot formalise such cumulated time but only the forces that work out within a differential manner this front of cumulated time.

The cumulated development of these forms is described by S shaped curves, called sigmoid curves. These curves are characteristic of the auto-catalytic reactions that prevail within the living phenomena. They are represented through all cultures of the world, like in India with the symbol of the Swastika that represents the dynamic crossing of two sigmoid curves.

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