Chapter 7 - Thinking / Idea

Thinking forms part of the temporal front

The space time continuum is a dynamic topology that continuously engraves with rhythms and shapes the universe and particularly human being.

Idea like a crystallisation configuration

Ideas take form by crystallisation. Crystallisation configurations correspond to arrangements of lesser energy in between the neuronal system and a dynamic environment. The brain is necessary to manage and store the successive and complex forms induced within the neuronal circuit.

Idea like a configuration of lesser entropy

Because the crystallisation of the idea correspond to a lesser energy configuration, it correspond to a lesser disorder and hence to a lesser entropy. Therefore, the occurrence of the idea will procure the restitution of an excess energy leading to a sudden blissful feeling of life and deep joy.


While sleeping, the organism must digest and store the sensations and associated images accumulated during the day. The storing logic of the brain and neuronal system is different of our everyday conscientious logic, as testified by the souvenirs we have of these dreams. These dreams will reveal the affective consciousness of each person to the surrounding world.

Subjectivity, or « For everyone, his own truth »

Ideas result of equilibriums in between the level of consciousness of each person and the surrounding environment as perceived by the person. Therefore, such idea will be the peculiar “truth” of the person or group of persons.

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