Chapter 9 - Modern Times

Races for access times produce a permanent stress

Universal technical tools will mould modern times within a uniform manner. Their mechanical rhythms will produce an artificial and « linear » time like an orthogonal system.

This orthogonal system of time compresses and stress our thinking and being. The organisation of a general race for the reduction to access times has become a fascinating and uncontrolled target of the progress.

A consumerist attack based upon fantastic has replaced the natural cultural immersion and has turned the world into a general show, a wild uncontrolled tautology.

A powerful television creates by sounds and colorized images a virtual propaganda world that attacks and pumps off our affects, installing and managing our desires.

Thanks to fictions and video games, Fantastic has taken the power in replacement of the natural Marvellous. Within the Fantastic, irrational events become rational thanks to a scientific like organisation of the future carrying its own virtual rules.

With an affect attacked by mechanical times but with a soul still linked to natural temporalities our conscience cannot build up. It is kept within this dichotomy like within a vice and remains bitter and disenchanted.

Propaganda and advertising have become the new links of societies that replace Sacred.

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